Voice bubble Dr. Bill Eaton is the Humourologist  
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Dr. Eaton at the microphone.

Being born on Halloween was only the start for Bill Eaton, who at age 3 told his mother he wanted to be a doctor. By age 22 he'd gotten his wish and has been trying to figure out what to do with himself ever since.

While waiting for the answer, Dr. Bill has been practicing Family Medicine for over thirty years, a whole lot of it in Palliative Care with tangents as a G.P. anesthetist, E.R. doc, deliverer of babies, house caller, medical mentor, academic chair and university professor.

As a teenager Bill played bass in a rock and roll band but these days he strums his twelve string and sings his own songs poking fun at what he does and what he sees: doctors, illness, teenagers, ageing, and being 'Bad to the Spleen' (why stop at the bone?).

Dr. Bill Eaton, as the Humourologist, has addressed groups ranging in size from 2000 down to 1 (before she fell asleep), proselytizing and philosophizing about the relationship between humour and medicine.